Casa McKibben Dog Resort - Cameron, TX

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Overnight boarding is offered nightly, weekly or monthly. Check-in and check-out hours are between 7am and 8pm. We are open 7 days a week year round. If you are leaving on a trip with an early morning departure, we suggest checking in your dog the evening before. Likewise, if you are returning from your trip later in the day, you will want to plan on picking up your dog the next day. Check-ins before 4pm generally incur an extra charge on the first day. You should plan on bringing your dog's food to us. We are very good with dogs that require medications, special diets or other health related support. The best thing to do is simply call us and we can discuss your specific situation.

PlayCare is designed for busy people that don't want to leave their dogs at home alone all day while they work. Our playcare customers get to hang with their doggy pals and get lots of exercise. We have regular PlayCare customers that leave their dogs with us twice or week or even as many as 20 days each month. 

Training is FREE for all boarding customers that book at least a 14-day stay. Mark has extensive experience with all sorts of problem behaviors as well as simple basic obedience training. He works with dogs of all ages, but puppy training generally starts around 3-5 months of age.  Call (818) 324-8256 for more details. Call us for pricing and booking details. Services can also be booked using our web partner Click on this button to open our page: